Is Pickin Pickett a Sticky Wicket?

As expected, there are a lot of local Steeler fans who want to see him wearing the Black & Gold, but is that really the best situation for Pickett? Look, I as much as anyone can subscribe to the thought or the fairytale of what is essentially a hometown boy making it big in his hometown. Now I know he’s not from Pittsburgh but you get my drift. The pressure and the scrutiny that he would face coming here as a high draft pick really isn’t fair to him or even good for his success. I really want to see the guy succeed wherever he goes, but I would hate to see him fail here either due to the pressure of being from Pitt or just the locals expecting too much. We all know how we Pittsburghers can come down on local sports heroes when they stumble and the pressure here could very well turn that stumble into a freefall, and I don’t think any of us want that. So, from my vantage point, better to see the guy flourish elsewhere than possibly fail here. Best of luck to you Kenny, go getem!