Is the Brian Flores lawsuit really justified?

There are additional black coaches backing Brian Flores but is that really justified? The NFL instituted a rule, the Rooney Rule, that requires every team with a head coaching vacancy to interview at least one or more diverse candidates. But is it fair to condemn teams for doing exactly what the rule says? Instead of just letting the situation take it’s natural course, you force people down a path then condemn them for going down that path. This reminds me of auto body shops who would trade estimate books with each other so when someone needed two estimates for their insurance but wanted to use a particular shop, they could provide the customer with the two estimates, one slightly higher then the other. This seems like the same thing. A team who has their eye on a certain coach because they have been watching him and know his style will fit their organization is now essentially being forced to interview candidates who they really aren’t interested in just to fulfill a shallow requirement.

A coaches skills and abilities are on display every week in the football world so if a coach, regardless of his ethnicity displays a skill, a talent, or a something else that might interest a team, it gets seen. These guys aren’t showing of their abilities in a closet, they’re on display for the whole world to see on television week in and week out. Letting their performance open doors should be the avenue, not forcing unwanted or desired interviews down someone’s throat then castrating them for choking.