Not a “Fan” of “The Fan”

When the FAN 93.7 sports talk show first aired I was wondering how they would be able to support a 24 hour a day sports talk show, it quickly became evident… They don’t talk about sports! Ok, I can hear you screaming. Listen, I know they talk sports but the amount of time they spend on nonsensical chatter is just annoying and unnecessary. I don’t want to hear a 20 minute diatribe about what two meats they choose when they go to a BBQ joint. Hey, if you need to fill some time, I don’t know, maybe take some calls from viewers?? I know it’s crazy to expect a “Sports Talk Show” to actually take calls but I guess that’s just me! And listen, before I go any further I realize these guys are professionals and they are on the radio and I’m not but that doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion. And speaking of opinions, when they do actually take a call, if the caller doesn’t agree with them, they get berated.

I think it would behoove these guys to listen to some of the old shows from Myron Cope, he treated everyone like a gentleman..