QB’s and the “System”

One of the things we keep hearing is how Mason Rudolph is worth keeping because he knows the “system”. But does he, really? Prior to Matt Canada coming on board maybe, but now, does that really have any foundation? Last year was the first year for the Matt Canada “Offense” and with Bens limited mobility, do we really even know how much of it we have really seen? So the best case here is Rudolph has one year, as a backup, in a new offensive scheme, again, does that really matter? I’m not bashing Rudolph nor am I praising the Matt Canada “Offense”, what I’m saying is, the argument that Rudolph knows the system which makes him valuable really doesn’t make sense, in fact, is it maybe more of a hinderance? Is he going to be more likely to want to revert to a scheme he was part of for many more years? I certainly don’t know, but what I do know is the argument about him knowing the system really isn’t valid anymore.