Steelers 2022 Draft

Well, the much highly anticipated 2022 draft is in the books so now the analysis begins:

So, one of the most fevered topics has been, “Why did they draft Pickett after getting Mitch?” That’s an easy one, they didn’t know there would be a notable QB on the board at #20, and if you followed pretty much any of the mock drafts, neither did the majority of the sports guys. I mean, for crying out loud, most of them had both Pickett & Willis gone by the 10 round. So, “IF” they hadn’t signed Mitch and the QB’s weren’t available at #20, they would nothing, so yea, the signing makes sense.

I’ll say it now, I was against them drafting Pickett, but….. as I’ve said before, I’m concerned that the expectations may put undue stress on the guy, and I’d rather see him succeed elsewhere than fail here. I really hope for his sake and the city’s sake that he succeeds, he’s earned it and what a story for the city eh?

I’m hopeful that with the signings and draft picks we’ll have a competitive team this year and build on it next year to get back to true playoff contention.